Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Post One

I'm not sure what I want this blog to be but I'd like it to be atypical for most trading blogs. Something beyond trade setups, trading reviews, or psychology, but yet interconnected with all of them at a level of unusually high detail, introspection, and "inside baseball". Maybe I can fill in the gaps for those are otherwise unknowing. 

For the longest time I felt I needed to be a better trader before blogging about it. I kept raising the goalposts. Well, it's funny how writing works... when you find your voice, it all comes at once and the excuses just fall by the wayside.

First few blog subjects as a teaser:
  1. Free money. Four distinct trades or events in my life where there was money that was as close to risk-free as possible that I just picked up off the ground, due to sheer luck or observation. 
  2. My journey as a trader. From poker player to independent retail trader to prop trader, then back to retail, with bitcoin tossed somewhere in between. 
  3. Overtrading. My one and eternal struggle. Bulls fall prey to greed and hope, bears to stubbornness. I am relatively unaffected by either. My problem is trading with ADHD. My problem is committing to the f---ing trade.
  4. Trading bitcoin. I had no idea what it was or how it worked, but I saw the chart at $30 and said "I have to trade that". My emotions were at rock bottom at this point in my life but the 18-month heater of my life started with this bizarre cryptocurrency.
  5. Fannie Mae (FNMA). The stock that has made me more profits than any other in the entire universe. It's also the stock where I took my largest loss ever to date (a number north of 6 figures and 25x greater than my 2nd biggest loss) and effectively ended up my prop trading career
I think street cred and skin in the game is important when trying to write as a voice of authority on any given subject, especially trading. Here's mineI don't ever want to be seen as someone who talks a good game but doesn't actually deliver on the bottom line. Trading is doing, not theorizing.


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